Put Customers at the Centre Throughout the Journey

Today’s consumer expects highly personalized communications, easy-to-navigate customer service and real-time engagement — all in the channels of their choice.


With Xerox? Services for Digital Insurer, you can refine your company’s digital channels and accelerate response times with the power of workflow automation. By streamlining the business processes behind every customer interaction, you can improve the overall customer experience and reduce costs along the way.

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Enhancing the Customer Lifecycle

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1. Acquire

  • Ensure brand integrity and compliance by allowing advisors access to marketing materials via online portal
  • Lower acquisition cost with automated campaigns
  • Real-time personalised quotations to improve conversion

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2. Onboard

  • Digitise and accelerate new application processing times
  • Leverage data to personalise welcome packs and enhance customer experience
  • Secure access to customers’ documents with a Digital Vault


3. Serve

  • Empower customers and advisors to self-serve policy changes
  • Resolve customer queries faster by digitising correspondence
  • Automate claims processing and speed up settlement
  • Improve digital adoption by designing transactional documents for digital first

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4. Grow

  • Use machine learning and analytics to identify relevant next best action
  • Improve retention and conversion rates with hyper-personalised marketing