Xerox and PARC Define the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Don’t be fooled by futurist ramblings about what artificial intelligence might do for you in the future. The future is here, and it’s very likely that artificial intelligence is working in your office – right now.

That’s especially true if you use Xerox technology, software or services in your workplace. Our business has always been about connecting the enterprise and people to the flow of information.

In an interview with AI Trends Dr. Tolga Kurtoglu, CEO of PARC, a Xerox company, explained the focus areas for the lab’s AI research:

  • Sense the world better: PARC researchers are working on novel sensors, low-cost electronics, and printed sensors and electronics. Their work promises to deliver radically different ways sensing the world.
  • Elevate machine intelligence: Researchers are studying how AI can make machines smarter by studying the data and processes that our systems produce.
  • Safety and security: All machines — regardless of whether they operate in the physical world, cyber world or both — must operate reliably and securely.

Examples of AI at PARC

None of this is theory. Here’s a look at some “real life” work in artificial intelligence from PARC:

  • Deployed artificial intelligence for Tokyo’s East Japan Railway Company, as well as Procter & Gamble.
  • Explainable AI: Algorithms are great finding patterns in data and making recommendations, but they cannot explain how they arrived at a decision. Explainable AI will make an algorithm’s inner workings more transparent.
  • Smart monitoring for the electric grid: Fiber optics are a proven technology. PARC researchers are improving AI and adding new analytics capabilities that can make the U.S. electric power grid more secure and reliable.

Artificial intelligence has arrived, rolled up its sleeves, and got to work. Welcome to the future.

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